When God created the heavens and the earth and all creatures great and small that comprise His family of life, He never suspected that His human children would destroy vast areas of Creation to propagate a single species of animal to the detriment of all other species.

Indeed, cows were important to God and to the children of God, for they provided essential protein for his people. Tragically cows have become objects of prestige and profit at the expense of God's biosphere.

Whole swaths of rainforests with their myriad forms of life have been destroyed to provide temporary pasture for an overpopulation of cows. Vast forests have been felled so that more and more cows could be raised. Millions upon millions of bison were senselessly destroyed so that millions upon millions of cows could take the place of those animals which God had intended to live on the prairies.

Americans and other citizens of planet Earth are endangering their health by consuming too many cows along with their fatty tissue, saturated with artificial hormones and antibiotics.

God's master plan never included too many cows at the expense of the diversity of His Creation. We must pause and reflect on God's master plan that demands the preservation and protection of all creatures both great and small.

Spiritual peoples everywhere must unite in a common cause of reducing the overpopulation of cows on Planet Eden in honor of God and His magnificent gift to us all.

Those parts of the Earth that have been devastated by over-grazing by cows must be restored to their natural beauty. The animals that God created to inhabit those areas must be restored to their natural homes.

Only then can we feel that we deserve God's honor and blessings upon us.

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